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Ames Straw Poll

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

I just got back from the Ames straw poll, and it was quite fun. I was able to listen to and see many of the Republican candidates, and collect all sorts of Free goodies. it was hot, but there was free water, ice cream and snow cones to be had all over. It was great to be able to hear Mike HUckabee speak as I think he is the best candidate and offers the United States a great future. I just wish the best candidates would not be over shadowed by the big money folks like Romney amd Guliiani. In the past I supported Alan Keyes and watched as a great candidate got marginalized. I am hoping that this is not the case this year with Huckabee. I did sign a petition to get Keyes on the ballot though. 🙂

As I get older I find myself being more opionionated than I used to be and find that politics is a great way to get involved, Dee hates it but I think it is very entertaining. While at the straw poll, I ran into Austin Lorenzen a fellow I graduated from school with, Austin Informed me that he is running for State House back home, and I plan to support him in any way I can, look back here for more infor about that. He told me when the website was up I would know, and I will post a link. - I Like Mike!